For over forty years Gordyn & Palmer have been at the forefront of safety in design electrical systems for Hazardous locations for both Dust (Zone 22, 21 &22) and Vapour (Zone 0, 1 & 2) areas. Combined with our extensive automation experience the staff of G&P can provide design, construction, procurement, project controls, safety, quality, operations and maintenance.

Working with our clients to find the best solutions to meet their individual requirements is vital to ensure the best possible outcomes in efficiency and safety. So, whether it is a full turnkey Bio Diesel plant in Arkansas USA or a Fuel Blending plant in Dandenong Victoria, Gordyn & Palmer can provide the solution for you.

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    Manage your entire plant with our Automated Plant Control system.
    Eliminate the need for multiple systems and double data entry.
    Monitor and track your site through on your PC, tablet or phone.
    Maximise your plants efficiency with your current systems.
    Ensure complete material traceability with a bar code scanner at the Hand Additive station.
    Increase Production and Profits with the Genius Blending System.