In today’s environment there can be real advantages in manufacturing off-site.

With quicker construction and delivery times always in the forefront of any construction project, Gordyn & Palmer can provide the Complete Ready to go Package with our unique ability to manufacture and deliver the Switchboard  / Switch-room / Control room package – tested and “Ready To Go”.

With this ability we can manufacture in house, Switch-rooms and control rooms up to 28mts x 4.5 in standard, fire-rated, and cyclone rated switch-rooms specifically designed to suit the application.

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    Manage your entire plant with our Automated Plant Control system.
    Maximise your plants efficiency with your current systems.
    Increase your production output and eliminate costly blockages.
    Reduce material costs and increase the accuracy and efficiency of your liquid addition.
    Maximise your plants efficiency with your current systems.
    One system, one solution with real-time data.
    Increase Production and Profits with the Genius Blending System.
    The Automated Plant Control system will manage all of your plant, one system one solution.